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Operationalise NADMO Act 2016, COVID 19 fund is unnecessary ---Agalga

Ranking member on the Defense and Interior, James Agalga has said the setting up of the COVID 19 fund by President Nana Akufo-Addo is really unnecessary but rather NADMO Act 2016 which has been passed by the House and has the mandate to deal with corona pandemic should be Operationalised.
According to him the intention of the President to set up the fund to be managed by the former Chief Justice, her Lordship Justice Sophia Akufo, has good intentions. 

“He should be applauded for his efforts, but when I looked at the issues critically, I felt this exercise of setting the COVID-19 fund is needless”, he lamented. 

 In an interview with journalists in the House on Monday March 30, 2020 he noted that he filed a question for the Minister for the Interior, Ambrus Derry to find out the status of the disaster fund set up under NADMO, Act 2016 and its operationalisation,

“He fumble badly because NADMO 2016 is not in operation but is meant for disaster such as this coronavirus, an emergency situation like this, rather than setting up fund which needs legislations let us operationalise NADMO Act 2016 where individuals and companies can donate, otherwise it is duplicitous”.

And noted that NADMO Act 2016 has elaborate provisions with regards to funds to be received, and added that Parliament should not be saddled with a new law if there are short falls with NADMO Act 2016 it should be address by way of amendment. 

Mr. Agalga lamented over the lackadaisical attitude of government and he believe they were aware of NADMO Act 2016 but went to cabinet to take a decision to set up COVID 19 fund.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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