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Atiwa East MP presents maternity beds to Abekwase chip compound

Member of Parliament for Atiwa East Abena Osei-Asare has presented maternity beds to Abekwase chips compound in the Atiwa East constituency, as a way of ensuring that maternal mortality is curbed in the community. 

According to the MP statistics show that before 2017 there were a lot of maternal mortality, whiles in 2017 the occurrence came down with one death recorded in 2018, and that of last year is yet to be put out.

She pointed out at the presentation of the beds that the District has to work towards zero witness of maternal death, to help Ghana achieve the Sustainable Development Goal, as good health promotes a lot of good things.  

 “Our focus should be prevention and not waiting for it to happen then we want to work towards preventing it, this would help us keep the little money we have and use it for other things”.
The MP in addition pointed out the need to take care of the nurses since they are the primary health givers so that they can take care of the patients.
She also admonished the health professionals to desist from the practice of turning patients away when the facility is closed as is the case at some facilities. “Abekwase chips should not allow that to be said of them since that is not the practice there”. 

“You should know your work is a sacrificial work, despite you being paid salaries, but as health workers you should go beyond your call of duty, because you work can prevent someone from death. Help us have a health population; it is when they are healthy that you tell them something they would listen”.

She further noted that as the community keeps expanding there would be the need for a clinic again with population growth, and with the government of Nana Akufo-Addo in place what would make life comfortable for them will be done. 

“Now you have three school feeding program running here either to you did not have some, we would have discussions with your Assemblyman to note down your needs and address them bit by bit”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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