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Dr Richard Anane: I'll play my role to bring NPP to power

Dr Richard Anane one of the bigwigs who lost out in last Saturday’s New Patriotic Party parliamentary primaries has put the defeat behind him and pledged to support the winning candidate, Kennedy Kankam

He is considering his defeat as a well thought decision by the delegates.

“When the people in their collective resolve have taken a decision, who am I, to say I do not understand,” he told Accra based Radio Gold Monday morning in an interview.

He dismissed accusations that there was a clandestine move to get all persons deemed to be “Kufuor boys” out of Parliament and replace them with “Akufo-Addo” confidants.

On the future, he said he would play his role by ensuring that he brings his long experience to bear on the party.

Dr Anane, who has been in Parliament since 1996, lost his seat to Kennedy Kankam who polled 247 votes against his 110 votes.

Speaking on Radio Gold, Dr Anane regardless, affirmed his commitment to the party, adding that he would bring his experience to bear to help the party both at the constituency and national level.

He added that he sees himself playing many roles so far as the 2016 elections campaign was concerned.

“I am a committed member of the party and I would play my role. I still have many years’ experience that would be at the disposal of the party. I do not believe that where I sit will be any different as long as making inputs into party policies and other matters. I’d continue to play my part,” he said.

Asked about what Kankam had that he lacked, he said they were different and repeated that he respected the decision of the delegates.

He decided not to dwell on any complaints and insisted that his attitude in politics was not to dwell on things when decisions have been taken.

“When you go to an election and the EC pronounces the result, try and don’t let it get to you, the constituency is bigger than your person… and the collective wisdom of the people spoke,” he added.

On the 2016 elections, Dr Anane said the time was not right for the party to delve into functionalism.

“The major concern of the party currently is how the party can win political power and I believe that is what all of us must concentrate on,” he opined.
He also suggested that Nana Addo should do his bit to ensure that the party goes to the polls on a united front to be able to win power.

“So after that, we can come back home and start talking about functional matters and the leader must also appreciate the need to be able to bring together all those who share different views from him,” he said.
Source: Daily Graphic

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