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Skill development programme takes off- Afram Plains N MP

A programme to assist the youth in the Afram Plains North Constituency to acquire employable skills for either self employment or be engaged by others has commenced.

Dubbed, “MP’s skill development programme” the programme seeks to among other things train the youth in information and communication technology (ICT), mobile phones repairs and other vocational skills.

In a related development, peasant farmers in the constituency will be assisted with start-up packs in the form of agro chemicals, fertilizers, and improved seeds.

The gesture by the Member of Parliament is to give hope to individuals whose main economic activity is farming to realize better harvest in which the surplus can be sold and they will have enough to depend on in the dry season.

Mr. Didieye noted with concern how most of the farmers are unable to make any meaningful harvest because of a number of factors they could have control over with the needed help.

He said it high time the farmers are educated and helped to take farming as business rather just hobby for their leisure or because they have nothing doing.

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