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Monetization in Ghana’s politics did not start today---NPP chairman

Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Frederick Worsemao Armah Blay   has said monetization in Ghana’s politics did not start today under the fourth Republican dispensation.

According to him, it is surprising when people start professing all kinds of dooms and making it look as if “money” in politics just began only in the fourth Republic.

As to whether it has not become worse in current times, he indicated that it is debatable, “elitism I would not relate to it to money, whether you are elite or not everybody has the right to be in politics when people offer themselves they are voted for”. 

As chairman of a political party in government I can say for sure that the party is not, “swimming in money, we are going through difficult moments, yes at times it is as difficult as paying your light bills”, he lamented. 

“Yes I am talking about NPP, I am not  the chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC),  this were his remarks in an interview to  journalists at the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs programme on the theme: “Money Influence Corruption and Capture: How can Ghana’s democracy be safeguarded”. 

He indicated that contribution to the party as a form of dues is very difficult and agreed that some people would contribute one way or the other but should be rationalized to ensure that it does not go haywire, “people make it look as if monetization started today, it is not true”.

He further pointed out that he had been in Parliament himself way back in 1996 till 2008. Some of us have moved for state funding of political parties and not public funding, but people opposed it.

In Germany and United Kingdom and other places, yes the states has a way of controlling it. In America theirs is public funding, they regulate it and find a way of doing it; ours is free for all and it is not easy on the politicians themselves, he opined.

“As the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei-Owusu said, ‘before you come back from your constituency’, he has to borrow money sometimes from relatives”. 

 “This  morning before I came here my house was flooded with people, some are in for  fees, hospital bills, people think immediately you become a politician you have access to unlimited public funds you can deep your hands into, it is not true”.

He called for innovative way of funding various political parties in Ghana’s democratic dispensation.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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