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High taxes account for high sub-regional air-transport ---ECOWAS Commission

The ECOWAS Commission has identified high taxes being the result of high sub-regional air-transport.

President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Kasi responding to questions emanating from lawmakers after the Commission presented its report on the state of the Community in 2019, noted that a study has been conducted, with a meeting held with various stakeholders in the member states on how to reduce the high cost of air transport in the region.

“High cost of air transport works against the integration process and free movement of persons, is as a result of tax imposition by governments on tickets issued, it is extremely high compared to other regions”.

His response follows lawmakers in the sub-regional Community Parliament lamenting over the high cost of air transport within the region.

Mr. Jean-Claude Kasi further noted that it’s impacting the cost of air travel, he was, however, quick to point out that those taxes are used to finance a lot of activities related to the air sector in the Community.

Again, as a result of the stated factors, governments of member states cannot reduce those taxes but pointed out that working together in the medium term and gradually the taxes can be reduced.

“We are constraint, we need to work collectively in making a decision on that, it concern member states and seen it has come up let us work together to see how we resolve it”, he said on the floor of the House.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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