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Gambian Speaker urged to be strong and fair---Hackman Agyeman

Board Member of the Parliamentary Service Board of Ghana and former Member of Parliament for New Juabeng North, Hackman Owusu-Agyeman has urged Speaker of the Gambian Parliament to be strong and fair as a Speaker.

According to the former New lawmaker, a good Speaker would produce a good Parliament; he told the visiting Gambia Speaker who is on a four day study tour to Ghana’s Parliament. 

“In Ghana a lot of people do not respect MPs, I do not think yours is different; as a lawmaker you need to earn respect by what you do by comporting yourself. It is time to engage our various citizens on the importance of an MP in our democratic architecture”. 

Mr. Agyeman was concerned and pointed out that Parliament is always a victim whenever there is a military take over, and it was time to engage “our citizens on the importance of Parliament in the democratic architecture".
Financial independence of Parliament is important; it cannot be the case that whatever Parliament want to do is subjected to the approval of Minister of Finance, the Executive have their powers same with the Judiciary. 

In Ghana all the structures you see here are not our own it belong to the state protocol, so where is the power of Parliament?

Again on radio you hear people say Parliamentarians  are  of no use because they are asking for loan to buy vehicles.

“A loan that we would pay back, someone said even nurses walk to work so MPs should walk to work. I was thinking that he was taking it to the lowest level, if you are an MP representing your constituent along the Burkina boarder what do you do?”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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