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Ricketts Hagan calls for realistic promises

Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South, Kweku Ricketts Hagan is advocating for Parliamentary candidates and lawmakers not to promise electorates what they cannot do or things not in their domain to achieve.

According to the Cape Coast South MP, electorates judge performance of MPs based on promises made at primaries and general parliamentary elections.

He added that when MPs are unable to achieve promises they make to electorates and it comes to re-elections they are held by the promises they made.

“Your competitor also repeat things you said you would do and have not been able to do, they would make same  promise, when elected they are unable to deliver, it goes on and on and in the end nobody gets anything done; we have to be realistic as MPs and candidates”, he said in an interview. 
Mr. Ricketts Hagan further pointed out that as a candidate going to primaries your party has not written its manifesto, it is being worked on, but candidates are giving out their manifesto.

And wondered what would happen when John Mahama comes back to office and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has its manifesto focused on things the MP has not promised, what happens next; adding that MPs lobby government from the direction the government is going, hence parliamentary candidates would have to be careful the promises they give to their electorates.

You are going to have problem with your constituents, and how to win your next election”, he lamented. 
He further lamented over monetization of political elections and pointed out that there are people who can serve better but because they do not have money, they shy away from putting themselves up for election. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

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