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MPs cry for protection, not luxury

Days after Joseph Kwadwo Ofori, Member of Parliament for Akan in the Volta Region, was attacked by robbers, some Members of Parliament are planning to confront the Interior Minister over what they say is the state’s failure to provide adequate security for them.

According to them, they have been denied the respect and recognition as law makers.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, MP for North Dayi in the Volta Region George Loh wants MPs to be assigned police protection as is the case for ministers, high court judges and others under the Article 71 holding.

He told Joy News’ Parliamentary correspondent, Elton John Brobbey what they are requesting for “is not like a privilege, it is to protect us”.

He said for some time, MPs have been “singled out and attacked” but they have not attracted the attention of the executive nor public sympathy. “All people do is to lambast MPs,” he complained.

Mr Loh said MPs conditions of service should be tantamount to a high court judge, but MPs “roles are not seen as important”.

 He further remarked that Parliament as an institution is also not well protected. It only gets the adequate protection from the security services when the president of Ghana or a high profiled person is visiting, and “when the president leaves they also leave”, he observed.

He maintained that the lack of protection has affected their work substantially.

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