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Mobile Clinics services to start soon-Afram Plains North

Mobile Clinics services to start soon-Afram Plains North A mobile clinic service is to be established soon in the Afram Plains North Constituency to offer healthcare services to residents in deprived areas. Member of Parliament for the area, Emmanuel Aboagye Didieye who is the brain and financier of the project had disclosed that the mobile van has already been purchased; hence the next step will be to recruit personnel to put the project in motion. Afran Plains is predominantly fisher folks and farmers in deprived communities that lack a lot of social amenities including health facilities, hence accessing healthcare is a major constraints to most people. Since it will take sometime before government and the districts assembly’s interventions to increase health facilities materialize, it is just in place that something is done to mitigate health carte challenges of residents. This is what led to the establishment of the mobile clinic by the MP. Government recently established similar healthcare services with eight mobile clinics and 10 bio-medical maintenance vans to help boast community based healthcare delivery in the therefore stands to reseason that Mr. Didieye’s effort is to compliment what government has already started.

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