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Afram P North MP registers 300 under NHIS

One challenging moment for most people in deprived communities is raising money to pay their medical bills.

The establishment of the National Health Insurance Scheme has come as great relieve to many Ghanaian as all that one requires is to register with the scheme. Simple as it may sound, many are those who cannot afford the fee for registration and are therefore unable to take advantage of the scheme. 

Coming from a constituency of deprived communities with high poverty level, Mr. Emmanuel Aboagye Didieye, Member of Parliament for Afram Plains North thought it wise to absorb the cost of registration for the NHIS for some deprived households and individuals.

He has therefore registered some 300 people mostly widows, orphans, the aged, opinion leaders, chiefs and elders in some selected communities. This he noted will give them the confidence to visit the hospital for professional attention, rather than the usual self medication that most of them have been engaged in.

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