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18th April, 2019 - President commend Speaker of ECOWAS for bringing Parliament to the people
18th April, 2019 - “We have conducted field visit to accelerate regional integration”---Speaker ECOWAS
18th April, 2019 - Suhum MP urges ECOWAS MPs to deepen integration process
17th April, 2019 - Intra-regional trade in ECOWAS countries is low-Joseph Osei Owusu
17th April, 2019 - Speaker lobbies ECOWAS lawmakers to support Ghana host AfCFTA head quarters
17th April, 2019 - Ghana hosts ECOWAS MPs at a dinner
16th April, 2019 - GHc 197 million earmark for floods control by government---Minister
16th April, 2019 - Sanitation and Water Resources Minister visit GAMA for update on project
16th April, 2019 - UEW Brouhaha: “We need complete solution”---Effutu MP
14th April, 2019 - IPU calls for action to defend 187 MPs prosecuted worldwide
14th April, 2019 - Ghana first, no politics at the international level ---Haruna
11th April, 2019 - 140th IPU: MPs engage in world’s biggest platform of Parliamentary diplomacy
11th April, 2019 - UN to support IPU with $2.1m to fight terrorism
11th April, 2019 - IPU MPs vote overwhelmingly to support affected cyclone gang of three
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