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27th May, 2018 - Akufo-Addo and his Ministers should lead crusade on punctuality--Adaklu MP
27th May, 2018 - President Akufo-Addo has to deal with corruption tag---Former Sports Minister
27th May, 2018 - RTI Bill 2018 to be laid on the floor of Parliament next week
27th May, 2018 - Speaker and I have a good working relations ---Haruna
27th May, 2018 - Rule of law should rule at all times but not rule of men---Minority
27th May, 2018 - Late start of proceedings would change ---Tamale South MP
27th May, 2018 - MPs research assistant not academic researchers---Bagbin
27th May, 2018 - New standing order to open committee meetings to public---Haruna
27th May, 2018 - Recruiting MPs research assistant generates controversy
27th May, 2018 - Centralisation of funds is avenue for corruption---Deputy Minority whip
27th May, 2018 - Africa would not be intimidated to accept gay and lesbian rights---Muntaka
27th May, 2018 - Eight communities in Buem to benefit from rural electrification
27th May, 2018 - NIA to brief Parliament on rollout of Ghana card
27th May, 2018 - Eight Ministers to take 17 questions next week
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