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Derigubaa, Paul

Constituency: Jirapa
Region: Upper West Region
Occupation/Profession: Farmer/Agriculturist
Parliamentary Seat: independent

Date of Birth: April 23, 1963.
Hometown: Jirapa, Upper West Region
Highest Education: MSc (Agriculture), Agriculture University of, Wageningen, Netherlands, 1985
Profession: Agriculturist   
Last Employment: Programme Specialist, UNDP, Accra     
Marital Status: Married (six children)
Religion: Christianity (Catholic)    
Votes Obtained: 12,902 votes out of the 26,661valid votes cast = 48.39%. Others: Francis Bawaana Dakura  (NDC)11,172 = 41.90% Edward Abu-Baka Dombo (NPP) ,2,165 = 8.12% Fati A Seidu (PNC) 139 = 0.52%, Joycelyn Ansiema (DPP) 104=0.39% , Callistus Doodaa Tang (NDP) 92 = 0.39% and Elizabeth Muonaa (CCP) 87 =0.33 %    

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News Headlines

25th November, 2013 - Jirapa MP lauds Sonzele bank

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