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Azong, Alhassan

Constituency: Builsa South
Region: Upper East Region
Party: PNC
Occupation/Profession: Educationist
Parliamentary Seat: majority

Date of Birth: December 18, 1965
Hometown: Wiesi, Upper East Region
Highest Education: MBA (Project and Strategic Management), Paris Graduate School of Management, 2006, ACIS, UK, 1996
Profession: Lecturer/Development Consultant.
Last Employment: Lecturer, Bolgatanga Polytechnic; MP (January, 2009 to date 2nd term)
Marital Status: Married (with nine children)
Religion: lslam
Votes obtained: 6,048 vote out of the 12,834 valid vote cast =47.12%. Others: Abolimbisa Roger Akantagriwen (NDC) 4616=35.97% Paulina Atiik Monton-Bruces (NPP) 2,114 =16.47% and Daniel K. Kunde (CPP) 56=0.44%

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