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Avoka, Apul Cletus

Constituency: Zebilla
Region: Upper East Region
Party: NDC
Parliamentary Seat: majority

Date of Birth: November 30, 1951
Hometown: Teshie near Zebilla, Upper East Region
Highest Education: LLB (UG), 1976 BL (GSL), 1978
Profession: Lawyer
Last Employment: Senior Partner, Muslim Chambers, Bolgatanga (January, 1993-January, 2005; Senior Partner, Muslim Chambers (Accra) MP (January, 2009 to date 5th term)
Marital Status: Married (with four children)
Religion: Christianity (Catholic)
Votes Obtained: 21,900 votes out of the 41,106 valid votes cast = 53.28% others : Frank Fuseini Adongo (NPP) 17,082 = 41.56% . Mallam Ali Yusif Isa (IND) 1,739 = 4.23% and Abraham Atangnaba (NDP) 385 = 0.94%


The constituency falls within the transitional sub-saharan area, occupied by the Sudan and Guinea Savannah zones. The vegetation consists of short deciduous trees, often widely spaced, with ground flora composed of species of grasses of varying heights. The areas mainly supporting natural vegetation are the protected forest reserves along the White and Red Volta Rivers where onchocerciasis precludes human habitation.

Recent efforts at tree planting are yielding positive results as some degraded areas are being recovered especially in the Tongo community. The constituency is drained mainly by the tributaries of the Volta River namely the Red and White Volta. These two rivers are fed from the Sahelian zone, which serves as the catchment area. The climate of the area is influenced by the movement of two oscillating air masses the Harmattan and the monsoon.
The constituency is well aware that tourism development will bring employment opportunities to the populace and thereby improve general living standards. The development of tourism will serve as a catalyst for better roads, more regular transport and other services including electricity. 
The chiefdom of Zongoiri lies almost in the shadow of the Gambaga Escarpment. It is bordered to the south by the White Volta and to the west by the Red Volta and the elephants that live in the forest reserve lands that border the river. One of the two roads that leaves Zongoiri for the White Volta River leads to the waterfall at Kianga where there are also some interesting rock formations. The other road eventually becomes a trial that leads up the escarpment to Gambaga offering spectacular views on the way up. Zongoiri is also home to some sacred groves and a local water source that is believed to have the power to heal or prevent guinea worm infestation. Another spot of tourist interest is the Abaa Kugit Water Pond, which is located at the apex of the mountain of Soogo.
Though it located at the apex of the mountain, this water source never dries up even in the dry season. It is the permanent source of water for the people in the community. The community members claim that a tiger lives near the pond. Both the tiger and the water pond are considered sacred. On the way up the mountain to Abaa Kugit pond, tourists have the opportunity to view the beautiful scenery created by a deep valley between two mountains that lie parallel to each other. Eco-tourism could serve as an alternative land use in the Red Volta Forest Reserve.
In recent years, the elephants, which used to migrate from the Republic of Burkina Faso and Togo into the constituency, have permanently remained in the Bawku West constituency, even during the dry season. It is estimated that, there are about 100 elephants living in the forest reserve. Developing eco-tourism in the forest reserve could bring about the combined benefits of conservation of sensitive ecological areas with opportunities for the people to find alternative sources of income. The zebilla constituency is looking up to new investment inflows from outside the constituency, both from the private sector and through joint ventures, to act as the engine of growth and development in the area.

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