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Banda, Ben Abdallah

Constituency: Offinso South
Region: Ashanti Region
Party: NPP
Occupation/Profession: Lawyer
Parliamentary Seat: minority

Date of Birth: August 15, 1971
Hometown: Abofour, Ashanti Region
Highest Education: LLB (UG), 1998; BL (GSL) 2000
Last Employment: Partner, Obeng Manu Law Firm, Kumasi
Marital Status: Married (with three children)
Religion: Islam
Votes Obtained: 24,898 votes out of the 38,049 valid votes cast = 65.4%


Akan culture dominates in the constituency.  However there are migrant settlers from the north who also practice their culture alongside the Akan tradition/culture. The constituency has one major festival, the Mmoaninko Afahye, which is celebrated every four years.  It is an occasion which brings Offinso citizens, home and abroad, together to formulate programmes to accelerate the pace of development of the Municipality.
Ethnic Composition
The Municipality can be said to be homogeneous in terms of ethnic composition.  The Asante ethnic group forms about 80% of the total  population.  the remaining 25% consists of other ethnic groups majority of whom comes from the Northern, Upper West and Upper East.
Traditional Set Up
The Municipality has one paramount chief, the Offinsohene.  The others are sub-chiefs.   Traditionally, the Municipality is comparatively peaceful, chieftaincy is not a problem.  This might due to the presence of one paramount to whom the other sub-chiefs owe allegiance.
The Municipal has beautiful tourist attractions that could be sold to the national and international communities but these tourist attractions have not been developed.
Among these tourist potentials are the Abofour Virgin Forest, Tutuampa Shrine, Asuboi Waterfalls and  Kentaa Caves.
If developed, the tourist industry would act as a catalyst for the enrichment of the physical well-being, natural environment and the constituency’s historical heritage, and above all provides revenue to the Assembly.
Brief History of Sites                                 
Abofour virgin forests
This forest or Virgin Forest is situated in the Opro Forest Reserve which has seen little human activity stretching from Abofour to Nkwankwaa. It has in it a Guest House of 2 bedrooms to cater for visitors  who may like to spend the night to enjoy the unique atmosphere. The flora and the funa of the forest could best be seen in the late evening and at dawn to ones amazement. It is a serene area which could be exploited into a comfortable tourist resort.
Asuboi (Asuboa)
History has it that Asuboa was founded by Nana Yaw Dankwa who hailed from Bonwure-Anyinasu, who was on a hunting  expedition when he got to the site and discovered to his admiration, two waters from different directions coming to meet at one confluence and decided to stay there. Because he did not return, a search party was put in place to look for him. It took the search party some time before they spotted him at the Asuboa and when he was asked why he did not return home, he told them it was because of this wonderful discovery that he decided to stay by it. 
The Asuboa is amazing waterfall which flows to meet a river at a confluence the mysteries of this two waters according to Nana Kojo Badu and Nana Akua Asantewaa, Queen mother of Asuboi, the river from the waterfall is the female and the natural river is a male. The femalei water is  not drinkable and fishes from there are not edible. Also fishes from the waterfall do not enter the natural river, so as the come down they fall and  getting near the river water they swiftly turn back to the fall. 
Meanwhile the natural water is drinkable and fishes in it are edible before the confluence and some distance after the confluence. Other mysteries  include healing powers and fortune fulfilling assurances tied up with its attendant consequences.  
Twumasen (Buohene) 
This is a huge mass of rock out crop measuring about 40 ft long and 50 ft above ground level, making shapes and rising on       each side making room capable of accommodating or providing shelter. It is really an edifice to see. No one ever passes by without communication on this wonderfull  words of God. 
There is cave created out the sitting of rocks on each other capable accommodating people into it.        
Kentaa (Onyina Siboso)
this is an experience from the community ever  since they settled in the area. There is this Onyina tree that grows pn top of a rock 10ft above ground level.  It is believed that anytime the Onyina tree   dies it is quickly replaced overnight by another one however small it is. It is never left in vacuum. Wonderful, isn’t it? Come and see for yourself.
Offinso constituency lies between longitude 1’ 65W and 1’ 45E and latitudes 6’ 45N and 7’ 25 S. It is located in the extreme North-Western part of the Ashanti Region with about half of its boundary borders by the Brong Ahafo Region in the North and West. It is bordered on the East by Ejura- Sekyeredumasi District on the South by Kwabre Afigya Sekyere, Ahafo Ano South and Atwima Districts.
The constituency covers an area of 1255km2.
Topographically the land is generally undulating. Low lying areas or plains exist in the Nkenkaasu-Afrancho area with elevation of between 600- 1000ft above sea level.
The constituency experiences semi-equatorial and tropical conventional climates characterised by moderate to heavy rainfall annually. The constituency experiences two rainfall seasons. The major rains start from April, to July and the minor from September to mid November and lasts until July.
The highest rainfall of about 170cm is recorded in the South and declines northwards to about 150cm. The relative humidities are highest (75-90%) during the rainy season and lowest (70-72%) during the rest of the year.
The vegetation of the constituency is mainly moist semi-deciduous forest, which is inter-spaced with thick vegetation cover. There are a lot of tall trees such as odum, wawa, cedar, etc. The constituency has about 704.94sq. km of land under forestry. This is made up of 8 forest reserves which are Afram headwaters, Afrensu-Borohoma, Asubina, Mankrug, Asufu West, Asufu East, Kwamisa and Opro River Forest Reserves
The soil of Offinso constituency are developed from parent materials of varied rock types of different geological origin. The parent materials are Granite, Voltain Rocks and Lower Birimian Rocks. The soil develop from the granite are Kumasi - Offinso association, Boamang-Suko association, Bekwai- Oda association, Adujamso - Bechem association, these soils are porous, red, well drained and are suitable for both tree and arable crops.
Soils developed over the Voltain rocks and the Birimian rocks also support crops like cocoa, coffee, cashew, and plantation among others.
Geology and Minerals
The constituency is endowed with large deposits of sand and clay. The constituency is also endowed with granite rocks, which from the basis of quarry stones in the southern and extreme northern ends. Sandwinning and stone quarrying activities are practised in the Municipality.

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