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Full Constituency Details

Agotime Ziope

Region: Volta Region
Member of Paliament: Azumah-Mensah, Juliana

 Cultural Heritage And Customs

Ethnicity and Religion
The Agotime-Ziope constituency has two major Traditional Areas including the Agotime and Ziope Paramouncies. The Agotimes are traditionally Dangmes who have migrated to their present location from Ada areas. Their native language is Dangme which is still widely spoken in Agotime Communities. The Ziope Traditional Area consists of Ewes from Anlos and the Avenors. 
Christianity is predominantly the major religion in the constituency constituting about 70% of the population whilst the other religions like the Muslims and Traditionalists constitute the remaining 30% of the population.
The main festival celebrated by the people of Kpetoe (the constituency capital) is the Kente/ ‘Kete’ festival. This is normally called “Agbamevor za”. This a weeklong festival celebrated in September every year to showcase the traditional skills of the Agotimes in kente weaving. Thus, making the constituency very famous for hand-woven of beautiful and colourful cloth locally called Kente/‘Kete’. This industry continues to attract tourists from all over the world to the constituency. 
Location & Size:
Agotime-Ziope constituency is bordered by the Republic of Togo to the East; Akatsi North and Central Tongu Districts to the South and the Adaklu District to the West and North. The constituency covers a total land area of about Six Hundred and Thirty-Seven kilometres square (637km2)
Climate & Vegetation
The constituency has a mean monthly temperature ranging between 22°C and 32°C in the rainy season. However, average temperature during the dry season is 37°C. Rainfall pattern in the constituency is characterised by two rainy seasons commonly referred to as the major and minor seasons. The major season starts from Mid-March to July while the minor from August to November. The dry season, which is dominated by the dry harmattan winds, extends from December to February in the constituency. The mean annual rainfall of the constituency ranges between 20.1mm and 192mm. The highest rainfall occurs in June and has mean value of 192mm while the lowest rainfall is in December recording a value of 20.1mm.
The major vegetation cover in the constituency is savannah woodland. However, few areas along river banks of Tordzie, and Awator have semi-deciduous forest. There are also strands of borassius spicies (Agorti) used for construction works. The borassius palm serves as economic tree for most people.
Geology & Soil
There are three major soil groups in the constituency.
Forest soil - Forest ochrosols,  lethosols and  intergrades.
Savannah soil - Heavy clay soil found in Ziope and Kpetoe
Stony soil found in some parts of Kpetoe.
River Todze eventually flows into Avu Lagoon. Other rivers include Kplikpa, Afortsihlui and Dzokple at Ziope. Tsilale at Kpetoe and Wlowlo at Afegame. None of these rivers is perennial. During the dry season, the water levels reduce and some dry up completely. The rivers do not therefore provide all year round dependable sources of water supply to the communities they serve. They are by no means capable of supporting irrigation.

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